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photo of LaNita Cates
LaNita Cates
REMAX Joliet

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Customer Reviews

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LaNita’s tenacious pursuit of getting the loan clo

LaNita is the reason Wife and I finally got our dream house. LaNita listened to what we were looking for, narrowed down the thousands of choices to a manageable level, and helped us sort through the bad. Then she got to work scheduling home viewings – sometimes with only a few hours notice. LaNita was (practically) always available. And while Wife and I concerned ourselves about what kind of granite counters to look for or if we liked the fireplace, LaNita was there powering through inspections, working with the lawyers, getting contracts signed, but most of all – keeping the bank on task. I won’t go into the problems we experienced with the bank. But I will say LaNita’s tenacious pursuit of getting the loan closed with the bank was impressive. She kept them on task (as much as she humanly could) and let them know when a mistake was made, why it was the bank’s problem, and demanded a solution – immediately. Her constant support for getting the loan closed cut weeks off the time to close, and best of all, got us a $1,500 credit fro the bank (for all the trouble they caused). If REMAX gives out a Super-Agent award, I want to get her name in the hat. It was a sincere pleasure working with her. Roger and Annette.

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LaNita will really go the extra mile!

We used Lanita to help us purchase our home. She is knowledgeable, thorough and very hard working. We had a very difficult seller and she fought for us more than I could have expected. She will really go the extra mile. If you don't contact her, you are missing out!!!

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It took one conversation for me to realize that sh

I found LaNita online after calling a few area agents and becoming increasingly frustrated with what I felt was a lack of initiative. I was impressed by her online presence and the information on her website. I called her and left a message, expecting a response a couple of days later. When she called me back within a matter of hours it took one conversation for me to realize that she was the only agent I wanted as my buyer’s agent. I’m a working mother who was purchasing a home on my own for the first time, I don’t have much free time, and I need to do everything in my life as quickly and efficiently as possible. LaNita is a master of efficiency. We were able to handle most of our communication via email, but she was also always available by phone any time that I needed her. She responded to all of my questions immediately with informative and detailed responses. She left no doubt that she was on my side and could be a tough negotiator if necessary, but was also warm and engaging and made what could have been a stressful process enjoyable. I was looking in a very specific area and looking for specific features, and I needed to move within a short period of time. With LaNita’s help I found a fabulous house well within my price range, the offer and negotiation process went smoothly and I was able to close in just under four weeks!

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Lanita is one of the most proactive agents that we

Lanita is one of the most proactive agents that we have ever dealt with. I never had to follow up with her on anything which is comforting when buying and selling a home. Whenever I was concerned over anything she was great at calming me down. She is a very down to earth person which is not only refreshing but made me feel at home. I would definitely use Lanita again and would refer her to anyone!

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We recommend LaNita to anyone who is looking for a

My wife, Courtney and I worked with LaNita when purchasing out first house together. We couldn’t have been more pleased with how everything turned out. LaNita was there from the start recognizing our needs and understanding that we will need a little bit more help than her typical clients because we were very unfamiliar with the process. No question was too dumb and no number of questions was too many; it was a learning process and LaNita made sure we understood everything. During the loan process, we were unfortunately taken advantage of by our loan officer who knew we did not fully grasp ideas and did not take the honest road. In speaking with LaNita, she helped us turn what would have been lost dollars that we would have thrown away to buy down our loan, into a situation where we ended up saving money. Without her knowledge and advice, we would have ended up with a horrible experience with our loan. We recommend LaNita to anyone who is looking for a great realtor. She brings a lot of energy and knowledge to the table when buying a house. There needs to be more people out there like her who help to guide people who don’t know how things work, instead of taking advantage of them like our loan officer did. She made looking at houses fun, educational, and a very enjoyable first experience. Thanks LaNita! Sincerely, Scott & Courtney Dussman

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LaNita Praise-A-Thon!

We had the pleasure of working with LaNita to sell or rent our house. LaNita kept in constant contact with us through email, phone, and text to inform us of our progress. LaNita had a great understanding of our requirements so she was able to make decisions on her own for our best interests. We were amazed at how fast she was able to find the perfect renter for us and we are very excited to use her again in the future when we are ready to sell. We highly recommend working with LaNita for all your real estate needs. Eric and Colleen

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LaNita is the Realtor for you!

We reached out to LaNita after about 5 or 6 months trying to get a Realtor to sell us a house. I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child and we were living in an apartment that would not accommodate the blessing our family was about to receive. We were under a lot of pressure. This had been a very stressful year for myself and fiance. Between the both of us working two jobs, school, baby and looking for a home with a Realtor that didn't really seemed interested in selling us a house. When my mom reminded me of LaNita who sold my brother his first home the year prior. Once contacting LaNita she started to work for us - from that moment. It was a very different experience than what we were experiencing with the first lady which wore the title Realtor. LaNita understood our desire to have a home for our baby. LaNita gathered the information needed and seemed to work around the lock assuring my baby would have a home. We pulled LaNita from her traditional service area, into Chicago and her knowledge base was still very impressive. I would often wonder during our search how this wonderful knowledgeable lady was able to make a living, because we had to be her only client! Well to add to a very interesting home buying experience, my baby decided to join us on our closing date. LaNita was able to reschedule everything and put special recommendations into place to assist with our situation. Not only does she get down to business, she formed a relationship with us. At closing it felt like a graduation (like we were saying farewell to years of friendship). If you are a first time home buyer without a lot of knowledge of the buying steps, LaNita is the Realtor for you. By the time you get to the closing table, you will feel like a real estate expert and may be ready to look into becoming a Realtor yourself! She makes the job look so easy and a joy to do. LaNita, thanks! We would almost sell our home just to work with you again. LOL

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LaNita Sold Our Short Sale Fast!

LaNita helped my husband and I sell our home as a short sale. She was very knowledgeable thorough in explaining all the details that come with selling a home as a short sale. My husband and I couldn't have found anyone better then her. We listed our home in August of 2010 and received a contract October 23rd and closed December 21 2010. She made what would have been a difficult process smooth and seamless. You want someone to always think of your best interest that is LaNita. We have recommended her to family and friends and will continue to recommend her in the future.

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Working with LaNita was an absolute joy!

Working with LaNita means working with an expert. She was there as soon as you needed her and her knowledge of homes and of the area is comprehensive. She is a pleasure to work with and her honesty is without question. She knows not to waste a client's time if they aren't ready, and she's eager to help once clients are indeed ready to move forward. She put no pressure whatsoever on me to make any deals at all, and would have been happy simply to have met me and tried to find a home together. LaNita Cates is a realtor with an incredible work ethic and she takes a great deal of satisfaction of helping individuals find just the right "home" that they are looking for. Working with LaNita was an absolute joy, and I recommend her to anybody I know that is in the market, either buying or selling. I can say, without reservation, that when the time comes for me to conduct another real estate transaction, LaNita is the person I am calling. She's somebody that you can trust and respect.

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LaNita Sold Our House Before It Was Even Listed!

We first met Lanita during an open house. We were immediately impressed with her knowledge and energy. By the time we left the walk through, we felt like we've known her forever... we clicked. About a year later, despite a dismal market for sellers, we found ourselves in the market to get out from under our townhome and into a single family home. We remembered the dynamic agent we met the year before and gave her a call to discuss first steps. The next day, Lanita walked through our townhome and offered advise on how to spruce it up before listing the property with her. A couple days later, she called to ask if she could show our property because she was going to be in the area anyway. And her buyer liked it!! She sold our townhome before it was listed! Lanita supported us through the sale and purchase of our new home. She goes beyond the role of real estate agent... she is truly your real estate advocate! She makes home buying a fun yet strategic and efficient process. We couldn't be happier with Lanita and would recommend her to anyone looking to sell, buy, or both.

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LaNita is a Client Advocate!

We recently purchased our first home in Joliet and could not have been more pleased with our choice in agent. LaNita Cates of Remax was professional, prompt, personable and most importantly a client advocate. You hear stories about agents who are passive, hard to get in touch with and seemingly only in business for their commissions. LaNita made us feel as if we were her only client and she knew when we needed to speak up about our concerns with other agents or the bargaining process. Due to her hard working and no mess-around attitude we were able to close on our house in just over 3 weeks. She has great resources to offer and her whole team was great to work with. Overall a wonderful first-home buying experience and hope to work with her in the future!!

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LaNita is the best agent in Joliet - hands down!

My wife and I found LaNita on-line and immediately liked ready what people said about her. She seemed to be the type of agent we needed. We tend to be slow and need a good kick in the pants, so we decided to contact her. We liked her immediately. She didn't beat around the bush and got us preapproved same day and 3 months before our lease expired, we were out looking. She is the best agent without a doubt. She if funny and silly BUT is tough as nails too. She has become a friend. I highly recommend her!

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

LaNita Sold My Short Sale in 4 Months!

What a nightmare this was. We had one buyer walk after 2 months but LaNita smartly relisted and within days had a 2nd offer and we closed a little over 2 months. She worked nonstop with communication and enthusiasm and we got to the closing table on Tuesday. She is one tough cookie but you need to hang in there with her because she knows what she is doing! She will work hard for you but you need to listen to her - she will do the best job for you and I would recommend her to anyone and only her as the realtor of choice!

The BEST agent in Joliet - hands down!

My husband and I found LaNita on-line and I could tell she was going to be the best agent when I received her first email. She was SO thorough and explained everything to us. She guided us every step of the way and at no time did I feel like I couldn't trust her and knew she was just an honest person. If you are looking for an agent in Joliet, you will NOT go wrong with LaNita Cates!

The "GO-TO" agent!

My husband and I relo'd to the Will County area from Texas and went on-line to find a realtor. We read tons of good things about LaNita and dec'd to interview her as well as 2 others on the phone. I knew the minute she started laughing that she was the agent for us. She was fun but straight to the point and said she hates her time being wasted. I knew she and Brad would get a long great! She knew so much about real estate and narrowed our searches down and after seeing only 7 homes, we knew which one was ours. She negotiated really well and was with us every step of the way. I VERY highly recommend her to anyone wanting a good realtor.

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We had the pleasure of being referred to LaNita and are we glad! We had worked with another agent for a while and felt like we were doing all the work. We never got any type of communication and finally we were done. A friend of ours used LaNita and said "be ready, she's dynamite and tough but you will appreciate that about her." Boy -was he right! She is tough as nails and was firm with us but it is what we needed to get in the house we wanted. If you want an agent that will make you laugh nonstop, who is knowledgable and a straight-shooter, call LaNita Cates!

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

I feel lucky to have known and worked with you

"Let me start by saying LaNita thank you so very much for helping us find a dream home. This whole experience has been surreal. We dreamed of finding a new 3000 sq. ft; 4 bedroom home with an office and a Jacuzzi tub but didn’t think it was possible in our low $200,000 price range. But thanks to you we found it! I want to also personally thank you for sending me listings for almost 2 years! Any other realtor would have written me off and said I wasn’t serious. I appreciate you taking me seriously early on and being such a good listener and for putting me in touch with Melissa Guerra. She is a fantastic mortgage broker and a real asset to your team. You guys are the best and my wife and I feel lucky to have known and worked with you."

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

LaNita stuck with me and was very helpful

"Although it took me well over a year to decide on a house, Lanita stuck with me and was very helpful in finding what I was looking for. Being a first-time home buyer with a limited budget and limited buying power, the process was getting very discouraging without her. She was willing to do whatever it took to find the perfect house for me and then make the deal go through. She provided contacts to quality people for inspections, service providers and lenders. I know I would not be living in my own house today if Lanita was not my agent."

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

LaNita is the only one for me.

"Whether LaNita or any other realtor is responsible for sales in the millions or billions of dollars or not, that in itself doesn’t impress me. LaNita will work just as hard for you regardless of the price tag. Her work ethic and integrity shine through. LaNita is focused as can be. LaNita never once answered an unsolicited call during any of the time we were working together, be it going to a house, viewing the house, or writing up an offer. If on the rare occasion I asked a question she didn’t have an answer to, she might call for clarification on it from the other agent. That would be the only time she was on the phone in my presence. You don’t wonder if she’s on your side, you know it. Due to economic circumstances, my price range changed somewhat during the course of the house hunting process, and LaNita completely understood it. Since I don’t buy houses for any other reason than to live in, my experience with realtors is limited to 3 buys and two sells. That said, LaNita is

Very bad with Buyers

she show us a 6 houses around Crest hill and she get pretty angry because we didnt buy any ...and we want to look more.

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

We love LaNita!

"It was a fluke that we found LaNita on-line. My fiance and I were looking for our first home together and we went on-line to try and find a realtor. For some reason I picked Lanita and I am so thankful I did. She is not your typical "realtor". She goes the extra mile and takes that extra step to make sure you are happy. LaNita actually helps you out with closing "bothers" that any other realtor wouldn't. She definitely doesn't sit on the sidelines and wait for something to happen. She is proactive! She treats you like a friend and doesn't want you to make a mistake you are going to regret later. LaNita is very open and honest about everything and that's what I loved about her! If she saw a potential problem, she would bring it to your attention and ask you, "is this something you can live with? If so, great, if not, then we can keep looking". LaNita would never try to push you into a bad situation. LaNita made our first time home buying experience a great one!

LaNita is Awesome to work with!

We used LaNita as our realtor for our first home purchase. We were nervous and scared but LaNita make it so much fun and we felt like we always knew what was going on. She kept us updated and was always on top of everything. We would recommend her to everyone!

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

Testimonial for LaNita Cates

"We had the priviledge of working with LaNita on our search for a home when my husband's company transferred us to Illinois. She worked patiently with us for several months sending us hundreds of listings while we were trying to sell our current home. We were impressed with her knowledge of the market, insight and wise counsel. Since we weren't physically in the area, much of our communication was by email or phone. Seriously, I would email a question to LaNita and it was almost like she was sitting at her computer waiting, because not 10 minutes later, I would have a reply. We always felt that we were a top priority for her because of her follow-through and we found out first hand that she is genuinely dedicated to her clients. If we listed all the ways we were impressed with her this would turn into a novel instead of a testimonial. Long story short, we'd work with LaNita again in a heartbeat. Thanks again, LaNita!!"

You must call LaNita!

We used LaNita and think she is the best Realtor in the buiness. She is easily one of the funniest people I have ever met and will help you all she can and not give up easily.

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer


Workign with LaNita is like meeting a long lost friend. I laughed non-stop at her because she is so funny. Shopping for a home was a blast. She knew when to get in "professional-mode" and when to have fun. I recommend her to everyone!

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What year did you become a real estate agent?
How many years have you been in Real Estate?
2 years. I became a full-time licensed Realtor in January, 2007.
What is the average home price in your market?
$100,000 - $400,000
Why do you enjoy being a real estate agent?
As much as looking at houses is fun, it's not the best part. Meeting people and becoming part of their lives is so much fun. My buyers become my friends.
What is the most challenging issue you face as a Real Estate Professional?
It is challenging to get people to understand that I'm here to guide them and although watching HGTV is fun, it isn't the reality we see on the streets.
Tell us one of your client success stories or an interesting moment in your profession.
Helping first-time homebuyers is the most fun who didn't think they could buy and then find out they can.
What is your best characteristic?
I'm very honest.
Who or what inspires you the most?
I inspire myself.
What is the best advice you ever received?
To "let it go".
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Florida...I know, that's a boring answer but I love Florida.

We've been doing this since 2005.
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We've been doing this since 2005.
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