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photo of Radelle B Knappenberger
Radelle B Knappenberger
Grande Realty of CFL Inc

Welcome to Grande Realty of Central Florida. Grande Realty is a different type of Real Estate Company. We provide many value-added benefits that most companies don't or won't free home staging advice from an accredited home stager, access to a Realtor 24 hours a day and two Realtors working for you rather than one. We have won the prestigious FIVE STAR Customer Service Award from Orlando Homebuyer Magazine three years in a row. We provide honest and ethical treatment to each client, and we are trained and experienced in real estate negotiations, which can help put money in your pocket. As an Accredited Buyer Representative, our buyers benefit from the skills and experience that come with the ABR designation. We also have the SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation to help our "senior" clients. Whether buying or selling a home, come to Grande Realty and experience the difference.


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Customer Reviews

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Why we should have believed Radelle

When we listed our home, we interviewed 3 agents (Radelle and Ron were among them). Radelle told us that our home would sell for about $250,000 because that's where the "comps" suggested. Both other agents told us it would sell for $318,000 and $325,000, which is what we told them we wanted for it. Of course, we went with the agent who told us $325,000. Radelle explained that the house would sell for what the "comps" were selling for and not much more because the market determines the price, not the Realtors. Well, it sat on the market for over 8 months. We kept lowering the price month after month until it finally sold for $241,500. If we had listened to Radelle, it would have sold 7 or 8 months earlier and we would have been on our way to Alabama a lot sooner. We fell for a line by the other Realtors (which I now understand is called, "Buying the Listing" and Realtors do this all the time. They tell sellers what they want to hear and then keep lowering the price no matter how long it takes.) We have been sorry ever since that we did not use Radelle and that's why I'm writing this note. Our daughter lives near Orlando and will sell her house shortly. Needless to say, she'll be calling Radelle.

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Top agent in Florida

I have bought and sold over 20 homes and this is the best agent I've ever dealt with. Talk about "on the ball!" Nothing passes by this Realtor. Her negotiating skills are far superior to anyone I've ever worked with and she did everything possible to get me more money, which she did. This is the real deal.

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Excellent Realtor

Thank you, Radelle, for the best real estate experience we've ever had. We can see how well your negotiation skills work! We just couldn't believe how much money you saved us, and we are so grateful. We were able to furnish two rooms with beautiful furniture because of our savings. Thanks again. Barb & Tim

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Excellent service

Thank you Radelle & Ron. Bob and I are just thrilled with our new house. We bought new appliances and painted the inside, so we are ready to move in. We could not have done this deal without you. Even though there were some set backs, you got us through them so smoothly and you completely took control when the seller's Realtor fell apart. We love Grande Realty of Central Florida, and we love you and Ron for helping us with our beautiful and comfortable new house. Thanks you again.

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Outstanding Realtor

Thank you so much, Radelle, for helping us sell our house and for getting us such a great price. We interviewed four agents, and your knowledge of the market and your ability to negotiate was superior to the other three people we interviewed. We are so glad we picked you. We got even more for our house than we thought we would, thanks to your ability to negotiate. We have already told several people about you, so in the future, you can expect to hear from them. Happy selling. Michelle

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Radelle is the BEST

When I first met Radelle, I was curious as to what all those letters (designations) were behind her name. Now I know. Her knowledge about real estate is truly amazing. When the buyer's Realtor tried to pull a fast one, Radelle called her out immediately. Radelle actually had to help her understand part of a standard contract! This is one great agent.

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The service we received from Radelle and Ron was far surperior to any other real estate agents we've ever used. We are still in shock that every single call we placed to them was answered immediately. They work all hours of the day or night, and they are extremely loyal to their clients. Radelle's negotiation skills are incredible and she saved us $18,400 by negotiating our deal!! We will use them again in a heart beat. Thanks, guys!

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Best service around

Working with this dynamic duo was the best experience we've had in any of our home buying experience. We have moved many times, and we have never seen such dedicated Realtors as Radelle and Ron. We recommend them to anyone and everyone who is looking to sell or buy a home. We'll call them again next time.

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Thank you so very much.

Dear Ron and Radelle, It was such a pleasure being your client. Coming into this experience we were young first time home buyers with 100’s of questions. Both of you made yourselves available to us at all times. Your responses were quick and thorough. I never thought we would ever be so happy with our experience. The home we were able to find far exceeded any and all expectations. Even after moving in you made time to check up on us and offer assistance any way you could. We LOVE our new home and just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you've done for us. You were so easy to work and we appreciate the patience with which you answered all of our many emails and questions. We're so happy to have worked with you and appreciate all that you did to help guide us through this process. When it comes to move again, we know exactly who to call. Thanks, Nick and Lyndsay

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#1 Realtor in Central Florida

Radelle (and Ron), You are the #1 Realtors in Central Florida in our book. We never expected the outstanding service we received. We didn't believe you when you told us that you took your cell phone to bed with you until that night we had to call you at 11:15! You answered your cell! Unbelievable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Great experience

This was a totally positive experience. We had constant contact and communications while purchasing our home and the negotiations that went on for several days between Radelle and the other agent brought us a much better profit than we thought we'd ever get. Great job! Nick

Very pleased with the results

Thank you Radelle and Ron. We are very pleased with the job you did.

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Two thumbs up

Without Radelle and Ron, the purchase of our new home would have not happened. This team is on top of every single detail. What negotiators! They negotiated us a deal we never thought possible. Thanks for everything. We'll be back if we ever want to sell and upgrade. Your're great.

Good job.

Very happy with Grande Realtyof Central Florida. Radelle and Ron are detail oriented and were on top of everything. I talked with friends who used other agents but wished they had used Radelle and Ron. No problems at all and everything went smoothly. Will use them next time as well.

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Thank you

Radelle, thank you for finding me the house of my dreams. You were the best Realtor I've ever had. Please keep in touch.

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No one can do it better.

No one could have put up with me as well as Radelle did. This is one determinded Realtor and she made this deal work for me. What a negotiator! I saved thousands. Thanks.

Very pleased!

Radelle and Ron are absolutely the best. I went into panic several times during the process, and Radelle and Ron were there to hold my hand. They handled everything from start to finish and they negotiated a great deal for me. They come highly recommended.

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Best agent ever

Radelle and husband Ron are determined to be the best Realtors in Florida, and I believe they made it. They are always available when needed and they were very patient with me when I got hyper!

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Glowing report

Radelle and Ron are superior to any Realtors I've ever used. They are on top of every detail of the transaction. They came to me highly recommended, and I will highly recommend them to anyone who asks.

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Special Realtor

Radelle is incredible! I have never seen anyone work so hard for someone else. This is no ordinary Realtor because she goes way beyond the call of duty with her clients. My wife and I were thrilled to have her as our Realtor and now our friend. Her husband, Ron is also incredible. What a perfect team.

Thank you very much.

Radelle was extremely professional and always there when I called. This was a great experience and very easy. We are extremely happy.

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Thank you

Thank you Radelle and Ron for great service. You were always available when we needed you and we appreciate everything you did for us.

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Easy to work with and gets the job done!

Radelle and Ron were easy to work with and they did everything they could to get the job done. We couldn't be happier. Wonderful agents.

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Top-Notch Realtor

I am very grateful that I found Radelle. I have used other Realtors in the past and Radelle is in a completely different class of Realtors. I was her top priority from start to finish. Thank you, Radelle.

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Smooth sailing with this Realtor

The purchase of my new home was smooth from beginning to end. Radelle was always there for me, answering my calls at all hours, and calming me down when I got hyper. This is one heck of a good Realtor. She was honest with me, even when I didn't like the answers she gave me, and she helped negotiate a great deal on my new place. Thanks, Radelle and Ron. You were both great!

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Excellent Realtor

We had a very good experience with Radelle on the sale of our house. Everything went smoothly and we closed on time.

Excellent experience with Radelle

After several attempts with other Realtors to sell our house, I finally found Radelle and Ron. What a difference! I actually called Radelle (shame on me) at 10:15 p.m. one night and she answered her cell. With the other Realtors, I got no response at 2:00 p.m. and leaving messages did no good. Radelle and Ron come very highly recommended. BTW, we got an incredible "thank you" gift from them at the end of the deal. Great Realtors!!!

A perfect experience.

The sale of our home and purchase of our new one couldn't have been easier. Radelle and Ron priced our home very well. We wanted a quick sale, and we sold in two weeks. I interviewed several Realtors and Radelle and Ron provided the most accurate and professional information to us. They were honest from the start, and they provided service beyond anything we ever experienced. We have moved twelve times, and this was the best and most attentive service we ever received. Great job!

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

Great agents!

This is more of a custom real estate agency than the standard "run-of-the-mill" operation. Radelle and husband Ron were absolutely wonderful and extremely professional. I would recommend them to everyone. Radelle is also an accredited home stager, which is very helpful in preparing a home to sell quickly and at a higher cost. I would use Grande Realty again in a heart beat!


Radelle & Ron were attentive to all my real estate needs, & helped negotiate a great deal for me. They always answered the telephone immediately when I called, & I would highly recommend them to anyone!

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer


What year did you become a real estate agent?
How many years have you been in Real Estate?
What is the average home price in your market?
Why do you enjoy being a real estate agent?
The standard answer to that question is usually, “Because I like helping people.” While that is certainly one aspect of the job that I enjoy, I also enjoy multi tasking and dealing with the many challenging, fast-paced and demanding segments of the real estate business. Providing outstanding customer service and receiving the Five Star Customer Service Award from Orlando Homebuyer Magazine three years in a row is, by far, a confirmation that this business has great rewards.
What is the most challenging issue you face as a Real Estate Professional?
For buyers, it's explaining that they need to be pre-approved by a lender before we show them properties. For sellers, it's helping them understand that their house must be priced competitively in order for it to sell.
Tell us one of your client success stories or an interesting moment in your profession.
The most interesting moment has been the three years (2007, 2008, 2009) my husband and I received the Five Star Customer Service Award from Orlando Homebuyer Magazine. With so many Realtors in Orlando, getting this award is at the top of my list of interesting moments.
What is your best characteristic?
I take my cell phone to bed with me! I have answered real-estate related calls at all hours because I feel I should be there for my buyers and sellers.
Who or what inspires you the most?
Having dedicated people around me. It is inspiring to work with dedicated and motivated people, especially in a job that provides so many rewards.
What is the best advice you ever received?
The best advice I ever received is the phrase, "The customer comes first." I have tried to remember that phrase when a particular client may be stressing me out, and if I put that client's needs before mine, there is always a positive outcome.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Orlando. The weather is beautiful, the people are friendly, and there is always something new to do.

We've been doing this since 2005.
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We've been doing this since 2005.
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Radelle B Knappenberger is one of a number of Oviedo Realtors who works in the Oviedo, FL office of the Grande Realty of CFL Inc real estate brokerage.

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