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Kris Crecelius P.A.
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If you are considering owe it to yourself to look into owning your own home. It is not as difficult as the media makes it out to be. There are 1st time buyer programs with free money and there are still 100% loans in the outlining areas. Those that are HEROES (police officers, medical, almost any military service, teachers...etc) get an even lower interest rate. If you don't qualify for any of these programs it only takes 3.5% to buy with an FHA Loan. These funds can even come as a gift from a family member. The time is right to purchase. Prices are down and so are interest rates. Wouldn't it be nice to know you don't have to move again?


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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Brooke Ct

We had the BEST experience working Kris and Rob. They were always friendly and truthful. They made the searching part easy and fun and the buying part even easier. She listened to us and narrowed the search down to to the perfect home. She helped us though EVERYTHING through the purchase of our home. I will recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.

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Happy home purchase.

We started looking around close to a year ago. Anna contacted my wife and was very helpful. She moved and turned us over to Rob and Chris. They contacted us and found out what we were looking for and when we would be ready to move forward. Once they had our target, we received e-mails of property several times a week. We were only going to look and try to see how we could get prequalified. Kris and Rob eased us into the whole thing and the next thing you know we are moving into our dream home. My Wife and I cannot say enough about Rob, Kris, and the whole crew at Prime Lending. The first day we met with Rob and Kris we felt as though we had all been friends for years. Once we had decided on a home (of which they showed us a ton)the rest was so easy it was amazing. Now they are still here after the sale. Have to add here that Prime Lending is the bomb also. They are very thorough with each and every aspect of this.We could call at any time and receive a answer to any questions we had. If they could not answer when we called they responded with in a short time.

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Great Realtor and Team!

We just purchased our first home thanks to Kris and her team! Kris was very helpful and was always willing to work with our crazy schedule. When we had those "annoying first time home buyer questions" she was always there to help! Even three weeks after our purchase she is still answering questions and emailing us tips on how to help us with all these new responsibilities. I would recommend Kris to anyone trying to buy a home!

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excellent home buying experience

Kris was superb in helping us find, negotiate and close on our home in Jacksonville.....she not only demonstrated knowledge and expertise, but also caring and understanding of our needs...highly recommended

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The best agents ever :-)

My first time homebuying experince was an awesome one, thanks to Kris and Rob Crecelious. I recommend this team to anyone who is preparing for a homebuying experience. With the help of this dynamic duo, i was able to purchase my dream home!

Going Above and Beyond!

I previously resided in California and purchased my home online. Kris helped me to get through this process with ease. She went above and beyond with every detail. Kris took copious photos of the house and personally observed the surrounding neighborhood to make sure that I would be buying in an area that fit my needs. Her positive attitude and daily updates helped me feel like I was there throughout the entire process. The recommendations and helpful tips she gave throughout were excellent. Kris returned phone calls immediately and found answers to any questions that arose. She took care of my pending new home as if it were her own. Kris is an outstanding realtor with a heart the size of Texas! I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a home. Thanks Kris! I love my first house and you helped make it possible!

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My Home buying experience with Kris

There are not enough praises that even begin to describe Kris.She stood by me for 8 long months of a roller coaster nightmare ride from house hunting thru closing when she should have bailed and run away. I not only had the best agent I could ever have had in Kris, but I had a whole team backing her up.She will always have a special place in my heart for holding my hand, keeping me sane (somewhat), so I could eventually have my beautiful home. I could never, ever have done it without her.She fought battles for me I didn't even know were being fought, never backing down, always trying to do the very best for me. She is more than awesome!

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What a Great Agent!

My husband and I were house hunting and we were originally set up with Kris's husband Rob. Rob had an appointment and we really wanted to see this home before it got away. Kris volunteered to meet us at the house and show it to us for Rob. It was great, she showed us the home and right away we told her we wanted it. Kris went right to work contacting Rob and seeing that everything would be taken care of. What a great husband and I are so grateful for her that our dream could come true and we did not lose out on the home to another buyer. Her timely showing of the home to us, made all of the difference in us being able to get the home.

Diamond in the rough

I was pondering on purchasing a home this year, being it is a "Buyers Market". So when the chance to work with Kris arose I was not let down. As I do not let my guard down to anybody, I felt more at ease with no pressure haggling, and "It's your home" connotations. Even after the fact of the transaction My blissfull glee was still celebrated with a helping hand extended out for the conclusion of things still to come. So sell on I say and enjoy the fruits of your labor. As will I.


I am currently a United States Navy Chief Petty Officer stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, but due to return stateside for duty in Jacksonville, FL early October. Upon my return my time will be very limited, so I decided to purchase a home prior to my arrival in FL. I had absolutely no idea on how I was going to get this accomplished. But Kris Crecelius made it possible and I am proud to say I am a new homeowner in the Jacksonville area. Kris made the searching process as easy as it could possibly be for me. Going "above & beyond the call of duty" to make sure I purchased exact home I wanted and making the closing process a breeze. I would recommend Kris as an agent to everyone seeking to purchase a home. Be they 1st time buyer or a seasoned home buying vet. She earned my complete and unwavering trust. I have never felt so fortunate in life than to have Kris Crecelius as my real estate agent. She overachieves for the sake of the buyer. As we say in the Navy, "Bravo Zulu, job well done!".

Very Thankfull!!

I really dreaded the whole house buying process, but Kris and her husband Rob assured me that it can be a stress free process. They managed to take care of everything, offering good advice, prompt communication and professional contacts along the way for a smooth transition...No regrets, I absolutely love my new home.

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Kris is the BEST agent EVER! You will not find bet

I know God sent Kris Crecelius into our lives. If it wasn't for Kris, we would not be living in our dream house right now. Kris is trully a blessing to work with. She was always available for our many questions and concerns. She was always patient and extremelly knowledgable. When she didn't know an answer to one of our 5 million questions, she would always do whatever it took to find out for us. I always felt like Kris and Rob were our "friends" looking out for our best interest. She was never pushy about anything during the entire process. Her positive and supportive attitude helped us more than she will ever know. Kris told us a lot of information about Jacksonville, the roads, events, etc. and even gave us a ride to Jaxport for a family trip! She was always willing to go the extra mile and it didn't matter what time of day, or what day of the week it was. If you are looking for an agent with your best interest in mind, dont look any further, Kris Crecelius is the one!

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I recently purchased a home with the help of Kris and her husband Rob. They made experience one that I enjoyed. Their knowledge and patience was wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new home.

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Great Agent

I've worked with several realtors over my life, and Kris by far was the best. She is very responsive and helpful withour being pushy. She was very knowledable about the Jacksonville market and always provide answers to my questions in a very timely mattter. I dare you to find a better agent out there. Good Luck in your new venture Kris.

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Letter of Appreciation

This is a formal letter of appreciation for all of your hard work in finding me a home with property for my personal pets, service dogs and my service dogs in training. While we had a few rough go rounds during the process, you continuously worked hard throughout the day and night to assist me with the searching for a suitable home for my needs, then you followed up with assisting me throughout the sale and closing process as well as following up with my insurance and deed recording needs long after the sale. You picked up the slack when others were unable to. You were also able to accomplish getting the seller to agree to leaving some patio furniture as well as paying a much needed point and all the closing costs. You went so far as to getting the seller to provide additional funds donated back to my service dog program so that we were able to put up fencing and build kennels as well as additional repairs and put money into the escrow account for the upcoming taxes.

You Are A Blessing to Me

Rob & Kris Crecelius were a huge blessing to me. Let me just tell you how. This may take a little while but bare with me, trust me you will not regret it. My name is Yolanda Negron, a single mom and Grandmother. It has been my lifelong dream to stop renting and start owning. I prayed about the perfect time and opportunity to start searching for a home and for the Lord to lead me to the right person to assist me in my closing. In May of 2008, I went online and provided my information to many local realtors. For months I heard from no one. In July 2008 I received an email from someone letting me know that there were down payment assistant programs that I may be interested but I needed to act fast as some of those programs were about to end. That email came from Kris Crecelius. This caught my attention so I immediately emailed Kris asking her questions and for guidance on how to begin the process. Kris responded to my every question and pointed me in the right direction of the beginning process. We spoke on the phone and I immediately noticed her caring nature and her willingness to help with every step. She gathered information from me regarding the size home I was interested in, the area I was willing to relocate to, and how much home I can afford with the different down payment programs that was available. Then she provided me with lender information and possible home that I may be interested in. One of the down payment assistant programs she emailed me happened to offer a new construction home with all closing costs paid, this was very appealing to me. The she sent me information about other down payment assistant programs such as the Florida Bond program. I discussed the programs with Kris and she did some research for me and after supplying me with all necessary information on the new construction home I decided this was the best way to go so Kris set up an appointment with me to look at some model homes in prospective communities. This is when I met Rob Crecelius in August 2008. Rob was just as knowledgeable, caring and as willing to help just as much as Kris. He took me to look at one home that was a bit too pricey for me. I liked the floor plan and the neighborhood was fantastic but the price was something I knew I could not handle. So Rob got to know me a little better by asking what my needs were. He knew I liked one of the models that I saw and he knew I was looking to live in a safe area near good schools that would be affordable for me. Based on what I told him, he knew exactly where I could have the model home I fell in love with in a great new developing neighborhood at a very affordable price. He met me one day after work and we met with a builder (DR Horton) looked at the lot, picked out the floor plan and before you knew it, I was signing a contract. Rob stood by my side throughout the entire contractual process, asking questions, providing answers, making sure that I got the best deal. And I must say, I did get the best deal thanks to Rob. Now comes the lending process, which for me was a bit of a nightmare and I wanted more than once to give up. But THANK GOD for Kris and Rob, they would not let me give up. Once again, both Kris and Rob stuck by me throughout the entire lending process until we were able to get what we have worked so hard towards. I was not denied once, but twice and just for a very minor problem. They made calls for me, they debated with the lenders for me, and they pleaded my case for me and would not stop until I had a final approval. They were absolutely relentless with the lenders. Of course they were also as relentless with me, making sure they provided me with suggestion and information that would help me do what I needed to do in order to get this loan. When the home was finally finished, Kris Crecelius attended the home inspection with me prior to closing just to make sure everything was in order and working properly. I am so glad she did because as a new home owner, I would have been too excited to see some of the imperfections that she caught. She and I walked through the entire house and just noted every minor or major detail that needed repair, replaced or refinished. Kris really knows her stuff. On January 12, 2009 Kris and Rob helped me close on my home and because God put them in my path, they helped me achieve my dream of owning my own home. Even though there were still some problems at closing, Rob did not give up and would not leave me until every problem was taken care of. He was on the phone with the builders regarding and agreement they made with me and with the lenders regarding final documents we were still waiting on, and even though time was getting late, he would not let the title company close the office until I signed the last piece of document and had my keys. Now that’s customer loyalty and dedication. Thank you God and thank you Kris & Rob for the wonderful blessing you have been to me.


I just wanted to let you know about Kris Crecelius. She and her husband Rob have been my family's realtors for the past several months. They are fantastic to deal with and always on our side. We have purchased one home and have two additional closings coming up with them. Just to show you how much Kris cares about her customers, last week I contacted her and her husband to show me a property. Rob could not show the property due to a prior engagement so Kris called me to tell me she would show me the property. She was feeling under the weather and still wanted to show me a property. Most realtors don't even want to show property when they are feeling great! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.

This review has been confirmed by the reviewer

Jacksonville's Best Agents

My name is Christian Hall and my wife and I recently had the very pleasant experience of working with Rob & Kris Crecelius. I would like to share our experience with you in hopes to encourage you to do as we did, and decide to allow them to assist you with finding the perfect home. I am a relocation consultant by profession and work with many real estate agents every day. I have had the privilege of working with some very good agents, and also the unfortunate experience of working with some very bad agents. When my wife and I decided to purchase a home here in Jacksonville, I looked to our preferred agents in our network to work with. We knew what we were looking for in a home, and as many buyers do these days, began shopping the MLS on-line. Fortunately, my wife had the good fortune of finding Kris in her on-line search and began to communicate with her. As we worked with a few recommended agents, we quickly saw the phenomenal differences with the way Kris & Rob conducted their business compared to the other agents we were working with. The rapid response times and constant communication was exactly what we needed as my wife had many questions and concerns being new to the Jacksonville area. Often times, my wife would email Kris at late hours in the evening, not expecting a response until the following day, however, she would receive an informative response almost instantly, regardless of the hour. Their insight into the real estate market and great knowledge of legalities, resale, trends, and area’s were instrumental in our decision. When we were ready to begin viewing homes, Kris was always available and took us from one side of town to the other in the same day. While we drove from one home to the next, she offered pleasant conversation and valuable information on the neighborhoods and homes we visited. When we found our perfect home, both Kris & Rob walked us through every step of the way in putting in an offer, negotiating with the seller, and getting an accepted offer in a very short time. All while comforting my wife and I, ensuring that all was well during an anxious period. Once we had an accepted offer, Kris & Rob always made themselves available to us for inspections and offered good consultation on next steps, always staying one step ahead of the process in anticipation of what was to be expected and how to best approach the situation. We closed successfully and smoothly on December the 12th. We still maintain a great relationship with Rob & Kris and thankfully can call them our friends. During the football season, we have gone over to their home many nights to enjoy the Gator games with them and enjoy their company. We hope to maintain that friendship for many years to come and will definitely without a doubt be using them and referring them to anyone we know looking to purchase a home. In fact, I have added both to our relocation network so we can send our customers to them. In today’s volatile housing market, you need an agent that will watch out for you and your best interest and not just see you as a potential commission check. Again, I would highly recommend both Rob & Kris Crecelius for your real estate needs, you will not regret it.


What year did you become a real estate agent?
How many years have you been in Real Estate?
What is the average home price in your market?
Why do you enjoy being a real estate agent?
I really enjoy seeing the smiles on my clients faces when we walk into that "perfect" home and they feel it. Then working with them through the ups and the downs of the process to achieve their goal of owning their perfect home. And at the end of the day I have new friends......
What is the most challenging issue you face as a Real Estate Professional?
The short sale market has really made it challenging and disconcerting for some of my clients. They see this really great deal and then wind up waiting so long.... It can be really frustrating for them....
Tell us one of your client success stories or an interesting moment in your profession.
One of my very first clients swore that due to credit issues they could not own a home. We worked through the issues and developed a plan and in just a few months we were able to get her credit score up and she closed on a brand new home....... She never thought it was possible....
What is your best characteristic?
I think my best characteristic is that I am patient with my clients. I am not pushy and I really listen to what they want in a home....
Who or what inspires you the most?
My husband inspires me the most.... He has so much knowledge and perspective about how to make things happen... one day when I grow up I want to be like him :-)
What is the best advice you ever received?
Take life one day at a time.... and if you think you are having a bad day, try skipping one.....
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would live right here in Jacksonville. It is not too crowded, people are real and there are a lot of things to do.....

We've been doing this since 2005.
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We've been doing this since 2005.
Use our technology as a time-saver.

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8884 Shell Island Drive Jacksonville, FL 32216


37338 Powell Private Lane Hilliard, FL 32046


2537 W. Beautyberry Circle Jacksonville, FL 32246


3665 Creswick Cir B Orange Park, FL 32065


11997 Saverio Lane Jacksonville, FL 32225


1138 Cactus Cut Road Middleburg, FL 32068


65 Fever Hammock Dr St Johns, FL 32259


12694 Pine Marsh Way Jacksonville, FL 32226


161 Augustine Island Way St Augustine, FL 32095


15731 Northside Dr E Jacksonville, FL 32218


1271 Lakewood Drive St Johns, FL 32259


276 Porta Rosa Circle St Augustine, FL 32092


10950 Reading Road Jacksonville, FL 32257


3160 Peppertree Drive Middleburg, FL 32068


6122 Shadehill Rd Jacksonville, FL 32258


12340 Hindmarsh Circle N Jacksonville, FL 32225


39 Tallwood Rd Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250


1282 Lucky Lane Middleburg, FL 32068


213 7th Street St Augustine Beach, FL 32080


15367 Hidden Foal Dr Jacksonville, FL 32234


14639 Millhopper Rd Jacksonville, FL 32258


11196 Eston Place Jacksonville, FL 32257


54008 Gray Rock Ln Callahan, FL 32011


215 Ocean Cay Blvd St Augustine, FL 32080


8667 Julia Marie Circle Jacksonville, FL 32210


3346 Chapel Court Jacksonville, FL 32226


15717 Basil Creek Court Jacksonville, FL 32218


Kris Crecelius P.A. is one of a number of Jacksonville Realtors who works in the Jacksonville, FL office of the All Real Estate Options Inc real estate brokerage.

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