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photo of David A Judd
David A Judd
Raincross Realty

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Customer Reviews

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Very rude , rip off artist

Diane Krepz and David Judd from Raincross Realty had an open house and was not around to showcase it luckily we loved it without her extra insight. We put an offer and was excepted. When we did meet her she told us the stairs and screen will be fixed, the house will be cleaned and electrical will be fixed which were listed by the inspector. Also that $5000 was going into redoing shower when we got a cap over shower. Coming into end of escrow that the stairs were barely being taken down and they were never replaced which needed to be permitted. The electrical wasn't fixed nor the screen door. We didn't get any money back from unfixed ordeals and we walked into a unclean home. As a first time buyer the experience should be very memorable but it was so so. She wasn't workable or compassionate of others experience. It seemed she just wanted our money and move along. Very rude people

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David Judd is a crook and I WILL TAKE HIM DOWN!!!

You mark my words. HE is going down!

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I would not referr this Realtor to my Ex Mother wh

He his very rude! He has poor communication skills! Think of himself before his clients needs! Am a Lender who work with good Realtors who can close theire deals on time because of their great teamwork that makes a diffrent! This Realtor does not know how to be team

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Rude Agent

He responds very rudely to the emails.

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What a "Terrible" agent !!!

What a "Terrible" agent you will never see ... Good luck!

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Wow, this guy is beyond terrible

This guy violates all kinds of laws on a daily basis. He modified my contract after I already signed it without even telling me. He never does the required agent inspection of the property and is rude over email. You can never get a hold of him over the phone and he will do everything in his power to be curt and unhelpful. He really needs to have his license revoked by the CAR. Buyer beware you will never find such a terrible agent in your life!

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Hey John....

Hey John... may be u should ask your Daughter about it... Jerk!

David Judd

I am a lender for a major bank. I've also worked in the telecom and datacom indurstry for 9 years and feel service is critical in todays market. Thus, I feel when someone is terrible in service they need to be reported. When someone is excellent, I feel they need to be praised and reported for their excellence. This guy in trying to deal with appraisal issues has been sub par. When I reach him he is very rude and blunt and ends up having some other important call to take and ends with "send me an email" and hangs up. He might as well say send a letter to santa. I will send all these reviews to the DRE. He needs to be shut down.

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Worst agent ever

He never picks up your call to begin with. Suraj who thinks he is the best in the business must be sucking Judd's cock for living

Not only the worst but also the rudest agent

I agreed that calling his office will end up waiting forever. Even if his assistance picks up the phone, he or she can not help but direct you to another one or asks you to call a different department. They keep sending you around and you'll end up in disconnected. About the experience with David, it is such a nightmare! I called his office about the termite work to be done, his assistance gave me his phone number telling me to call him. I then called him in the morning but he did not pick up the phone, so I left a message but he did not call me back. Despite that, I called again in the evening but he hung up the phone saying "call my staff and don't call my cell phone again" after I just mentioned the property address. What's a rude agent! It is so frustrated to deal with him!

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Best Agent!!

He is the best in the business.....he has the best records of selling properties in the state of CA.

Worse agent

I have had the same experience with him and his Indian cohorts. I will never show any of his listings again. I'm sick of talking to someone in India.

Worst agent ever!!

This guy is the worst agent ever and this is why. First off, he works for a overseas bank and deals with all of their REO's. He lists the properties and sits back. He never ansers the phone, he never calls back. He works in an office where noone picks up the phone. So trying to reach him is impossiable. Secondly, He never inspects the home (which is a direct violation of the California Real Estate Contract), He never commuicates with you, Because you have to call and speak to an Indian person that has no right to be dealing with this transaction in the first place. David Judd is ONLY in this for the money and not for the love of Real Estate. Buyers and Sellers' BEWARE


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We've been doing this since 2005.
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David A Judd is one of a number of Riverside Realtors who works in the Riverside, CA office of the Raincross Realty real estate brokerage.

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