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Carol Lersch
Regency Associates
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Customer Reviews

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Terrible experience

Terrible property manager. Repairs never done on time. If you ask to speak to landlord, message is never delivered to them. Extremely rude and unprofessional. We would have bought this house, but with such terrible experience, we are going to end the lease early and not buy! Sad loss for the owners who may be desperate to sell!I will never recommend this awful agency to anybody!

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great managers

Apparently. Our experiences are completely different.aught We thought they were a wonderful property management company. We leased from them for 3 yrs before buying our home. When we got transferred we hired them to manage our property. We thought they were that good. I would imagine that the problem lies not with them but perhaps the owner not wanting to pay for repairs.

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Awful Property Managers

You see a listing. You ask to see the home. You say you're interested and ask about the repairs. They promise they will be mak the repairs by the time you move in. So you make the down payment or security deposit and also pay the first month. When you move in none of the repairs have been made and you've already signed a year contract. Basically you get bamboozled!!! I'm assuming they don't want to lose the homeowner (the REAL customer as a client) so they don't follow through or forward the message of what needs to be done in the home.

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We've been doing this since 2005.
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We've been doing this since 2005.
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Carol Lersch is one of a number of Mobile Realtors who works in the Mobile, AL office of the Regency Associates real estate brokerage.

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