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Q: What is the purpose of Incredible Agents?
A: Incredible Agents provides a service to potential home buyers and sellers who are seeking a real estate agent. Home buyers & sellers are able to write reviews of Realtors or find a Realtor for their next transaction.

Q: What benefit does the website provide to agents?
A: The website provides an excellent benefit to agents who have an excellent track record and want to show it through the Internet. The website receives nearly 2 million visitors per year. Agents can further promote themselves to these site visitors through our annual membership program.

Q: How did my name get on this website if I did not authorize it?
A: In nearly every state, real estate licensing information is public domain as it is handled by a governmental body, most typically the states department of real estate.

Q: Why is my information on the site outdated?
A: Incredible Agents attempts to keep data current but relies on partnerships with agents and brokers to provide current information as well. It is free for agents to update their contact info at any time.

Q: If it is free to update my profile, how does Incredible Agents make their money?
A: It is absolutely free to keep your contact info updated; however this does not get you any unique promotion. We have over 1 million licensed professionals listed, and to stand out from the crowd, you will need to have excellent ratings and reviews, or you will need to become a premium Incredible Agents member.

Q: How can I add my photo?
A: Adding photos to your profile is a benefit provided to our annual premium members. In addition, those members can provide customized welcome letters, respond to reviews, add video, add additional communities, and more.

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